From police evidence to perishable foods, security labels are a must-have in every business sector.

If you’re wondering whether your company should invest in these labels and tags, the answer is simple: yes!

Although we tend to overlook those apparently innocuous stickers on the backs of our electronics and clothes, these labels play an integral role in every sector. Let’s take a closer look at what these labels are and how they benefit companies.

What Are Security Labels and Tamper-Evident Tags?

Nowadays, they come in various shapes, colors and sizes, but they’re in every mall across America. These labels contain electronic data about the item and generally display proof if the label’s been tampered with.

Some disintegrate completely. Others leave behind words after individuals break the seal. Some permit or deny electronic access.

It sounds simple, but these devices (usually the size of a small barcode) have ample room for creativity and success in business.

Why Do I Need Them?

If you want to protect your assets, increase efficiency and decrease waste, labels and tamper-evident tags are the way to go.

Customer Protection

Do you sell products? A security tag provides peace of mind to your customers, who want new, unused items in exchange for their cash.

It’s a gentle reminder that their money is well-spent and their merchandise handled with care. Imagine how horrible it would be purchasing a drink with no indication of whether or not someone else took a sip.


Some labels are necessary to adhere to government and insurance regulations. In the food and health industry especially, it’s vital for companies to comply with these laws.

Tamper-evident seals provide an inexpensive way to comply. They are even recommended by the FDA on food packaging.

Several items that require seals include the following:

  • Cosmetic liquid
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Vaginal products
  • Contact lens solutions
  • Over-the-counter drugs

Investing in these tags may also lower company insurance costs because there is less of a chance of merchandise getting lost or stolen.

Track High-Value Products

Have you ever wondered how the USPS knows where your package is at? It uses a label.

Security labels are sometimes created purely for tracking purposes. Companies scan the label through its journey and the information uploads to data management systems. If something disappears, the label lets businesses pinpoint the last place it was scanned.

For companies handling valuable merchandise, this is an amazing tool. Not only can businesses follow the product from the manufacturer to the retailer’s shelf, but they can also provide necessary authentication for consumers or use the information on the label in the event of a recall.

Theft Reduction

You know the ones: those white squares that make the shirt you’re trying on look weird.

These are yet another example of security labels, and they are great for reducing shrinkage. (In the business world, “theft” is referred to as “shrinkage.”) Shrinkage amounts to about $26 billion lost in the US each year.

The most common stickers are the ones that make the store’s alarm go haywire if the cashier forgets to remove them or someone tries to do some “shrinkage” themselves.

It’s estimated security label stickers reduce theft by as much as 60%.

Internal Security

In addition to fortifying your company against outsiders, security stickers protect valuables from internal personnel. If an item is taken off the grounds, frequencies alert owners.

Furthermore, if products mysteriously go missing from stored inventory, this is quickly detected. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags make it easy to detect inventory up to 300 feet away.

If employees are conducting swift and frequent inventory assessments, the information received alerts them to the problem. Simple investigations using previous data, such as times and products recorded previously, make finding the culprit a breeze.

Security labels are so useful police departments utilize them, too. To ensure no one tampers with evidence, officials place tags on confiscated drugs and other crime-scene objects.

Easy Inventory

All of that is great for internal security, but it also makes taking inventory infinitely easier. No more crouching and tugging open stacks of boxes to count how many items are on a shelf.

Instead, employees simply scan the codes and the information is uploaded. Consequently, workers spend their energy and time elsewhere.

Additionally, if individuals need to know the contents of a particular box, all they need to do is scan the label. This is particularly useful in law enforcement.

This means a lot fewer headaches when the time for ordering rolls around. Rather than laboring over numbers, managers quickly assess what is needed, reducing waste.

Increased Safety

If you ever are a patient at a hospital, you’ll be outfitted with a bracelet to add to your fancy gown. This bracelet has a label that contains all your previous medical history so doctors can access it efficiently.

They also help staff keep track of you and verify your identity. In addition, the tags make safely handling medication a breeze.

Nurses and practitioners need only scan a medicine’s National Drug Code to confirm its contents and dosage, eliminating errors. And with the tamper-evident tags, it’s obvious if the medicine’s been tampered with.

In healthcare, security tags are priceless, but this isn’t the only way seals increase safety.

A new tag developed purely for airlines indicates if a seal is broken on life vests, making it simple to tell if they are functional for each passenger prior to takeoff.

Evidence for Warranties

Those stickers customers love to hate on their printers and electronics are an easy way for companies to see if a product was altered. This saves the business from fixing errors created by the customer during a warranty’s timeframe.

Especially for electronics, this is a way to demonstrate proof a customer caused damage to an item.


Companies like ours create barcodes to suit your needs. From safety to inventory, healthcare to law enforcement, our security labels benefit companies across the country.

If you’re interested in giving your company all the advantages these tags offer, contact us today. We’ll find the perfect label to make your business prosper.