rRack Labels / Signage

Rack Labels and Signs

For years, Idezi has provided rack labels and signage used for large manufacturing and distribution. When new racks are purchased or a new warehouse is built, Idezi helps with the identification, positioning and location processes on the floor. Below are some of the products we offer:

  • Polyester Rack Labels

  • Retro Reflective (Long Range Scanning) Labels

  • Magnet Rack Labels

  • Removable Vinyl Tapes

  • Custom Signs for Long Range Scanning

  • Hanging Signs

  • “V” & “Z” Shaped Signs for better scanning

  • Flat Signs and Aisle Markers

  • Vertical Placards – Multicolored and with arrows

Idezi must understand the warehouse layout and customer needs regarding the custom labels to ensure a great product. We always request a spreadsheet that provides the numbering sequence. There are many options to consider: barcode style and size, colors for rack levels, the distance from the label or sign to scan, etc. Once we understand the label size and unique needs, we provide a detailed proof so we are all on the same page. In some cases, Idezi’s trained staff has gone on site and applied labels as needed.

Rack Labels

We offer a wide variety of different label materials for rack labels below:

  • Vinyl labels with removable adhesive

  • White polyester labels with permanent adhesive

  • Color border white polyester labels for rack level identification

  • Retro reflective labels for extended long range scanning

  • Magnetic tags for semi-permanent location positions on the rack

Custom Signage

Idezi offers various sizes of custom warehouse signage to identify aisle locations and use with special barcode labels for 30ft long scans. An onsite visit is needed to measure and test the signs used at the warehouse. In some cases, Idezi can install the signage on site. Because the custom signage and rack labels are both “identifying” a warehouse, often Idezi handles both projects


Idezi can provide installation and application of the rack labels and custom signage, and are happy to quote this labor process for your specific and unique needs.

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