Idezi aligns with various companies looking to partner with barcode, RFID and mobile computer experts. This includes everything from inventory control to asset tracking and logistics of any kind. The partnership allows each company to focus on what they do best.

An ideal partner is one who developed a tracking or inventory control software product that includes barcode equipment. We can provide the hardware and label expertise. We can inventory product, and do project scope work when needed.

Partner with a leader in:

  • Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

  • Barcode and RFID Technology for Inventory Control

  • Experts in Adhesives, Liners, and Substrate Materials for any Environment

  • Consulting for: Compliance Issues, Inventory control, or Label Challenges

  • Joint Website Development Based on your Product and Customer Needs

We have had exceptional partnerships over the years with great software companies looking to increase their bottom line. If your company is looking for a barcode/RFID partner, please call at 615-377-8849 to discuss how it can work for both companies.

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